FK Rostov vs. FK Fakel Voronezh Preview: Lineup prediction, injury news and suspensions

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FK Rostov vs. FK Fakel Voronezh. Preview by PlaySharper: Lineup prediction, injury news and suspensions

On 2023-05-06, FK Rostov will play against FK Fakel Voronezh. The Russian Premier League game will kick off at 16:00 UTC.

Short term changes due to injury news are being updated regularly. For the most current lineup prediction, visit the Lineup Prediction page.

FK Rostov injuries and suspensions:
Dmitri Poloz, Nikolay Poyarkov and Kirill Shchetinin are still injured and will not participate in this match.
Aleksey Mironov is suspended for this match.

FK Fakel Voronezh injuries and suspensions:
No injuries known.
Igor Kalinin is suspended for this match.
Evgeni Markov is questionable.

Predicted Lineup FK Rostov:

Sergey Pesjakov – Andrey Langovich, Maksim Osipenko, Viktor Melekhin, Aleksandr Siljanov – Danil Glebov – Daniil Utkin, Aleksandr Selyava – Khoren Bayramyan, Nikolay Komlichenko, Ivan Komarov

Predicted Lineup FK Fakel Voronezh:

Ilya Svinov – Evgeni Morozov, Kirill Suslov, Sergey Bozhin – Ilnur Alshin, Irakli Kvekveskiri, Réda Rabeï, Vyacheslav Yakimov, Mohamed Brahimi – Khyzyr Appaev, Georgi Gongadze

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