Bitcoin Stamp Mania: Over 18,000 Collectibles already published on the Blockchain

Did you know that digital stamps on the Bitcoin blockchain are gaining popularity?

As per reports from, over 10,000 of Bitcoin stamps have been created in just 17 days – bringing the total to more than 18,000! Creating NFTs using this technology is similar to what’s already known as ‘Bitcoin Ordinals‘ but offers even greater decentralization and immutability.

These semi-fungible tokens can be produced with ease thanks to Bitcoin stamps which work much like Ethereum’s ERC-1155 token standard. Plus there’s no need for users to worry about node runners changing data since operators cannot edit or prune them!

Use case Bitcoin stamps

Bitcoin stamps have the potential to boost adoption of this technology with their new use cases. But, it’s worth noting that they’re pricier than regular stamps, so creators suggest starting off with 24×24 pixel images to keep costs low.

Not only can you attach pictures but also MP3 files or even recreate classic games like “Snake” on a digital stamp! However, producing these types of NFTs is more expensive compared to traditional ones.

The surge in popularity for Bitcoin stamps proves that crypto enthusiasts are taking notice. With added immutability and decentralization features, there could be endless possibilities for future uses which would further increase interest in the Bitcoin blockchain.