Pooky : The revolution of sports predictions

About Pooky

Pooky is an innovative multi-sport web3 gaming platform that operates on the blockchain, specifically on Polygon. It is a platform that offers several sport-related games. This includes a sport prediction game and a game based on generative NFT derived from sports event results. The brothers Claudio and Stefano Riff established the project in 2022, determined to develop a more efficient and secure betting model using blockchain technology after encountering numerous limitations and drawbacks with traditional sports betting platforms. Pooky’s native digital token rewards all game players.

Stefano was inspired to create Pooky due to his experience of being blocked from online sportsbooks for winning too frequently. During the summer of 2022, the company quietly recruited senior team members before officially incorporating in September of the same year.

To differentiate itself from the competition, Pooky introduced its own unique line of Pookyball NFTs. Serial Cut, a renowned creative and art direction studio that has worked with notable brands such as Facebook, Google, and Nike, created these digital assets. Using a combination of digital, physical, and virtual techniques, Serial Cut’s designs for Pookyball NFTs are sure to make a lasting impression on sports betting enthusiasts.

The team behind the project

With the support of pre-seed investors, including Claster Investments VC, Pooky raised over €3 million.
The team consists of an international team of professionals working remotely. They work with extraordinary talents and ambitious people, and the team is growing and constantly hiring top talents. All of them are fully doxxed and accessible on LinkedIn. The startup also enlisted a highly experienced group of managers and executives from the sport, gaming, and blockchain industries to advise the company.

The current problem and how Pooky wants to solve it

Pooky’s solution addresses the dilemma faced by prediction fans today, which is choosing between high risk, high rewards on traditional web2 betting platforms and no risk, no rewards on social media platforms or between friends. Pooky is different, as it offers a risk-free model that enables global reach and promotes a healthier alternative to traditional sports betting. Players ‘risk nothing and always win something’ as they get ownership of digital collectibles that allow them to make predictions, earn rewards, and upgrade their assets. Best of all, predictions don’t need to be 100% correct to win.

Pooky’s mission is to build a safe and entertaining football community via collectible digital art ownership and a prediction game. The platform encourages social interaction and fun while creating communities, both on and off the platform. Pooky wants players to experience the excitement of sports prediction and be part of a leading web3 football fanbase.

Approach for a sustainable economy

Pooky’s innovative business model offers a sustainable economy with a capped supply ERC-20 utility token ($TPK) for in-game expenses and rewards. The company’s approach to distributing tokens is unique, with a rewards pool per season and per competition model based on in-flow. This approach is different from other play-to-earn models, which often suffer from rampant token supply inflation.

To earn tokens on Pooky’s platform, players must demonstrate their prediction and strategy skills to climb the leaderboards and maximize rewards. Many other play-to-earn platforms do not award tokens for simply playing, but Pooky does.

When players spend their tokens on upgrades to boost their earnings potential, the system burns a percentage of the fees.These two mechanics combined with a capped token supply ensure a more sustainable, long-term circular economy than other play-to-earn models.

Pooky built its model on a “Play-and-Earn” concept, with focus on gameplay and entertainment, rather than solely on earning. With Pooky, players can enjoy the thrill of the game and earn rewards by smart predictions.


Pooky’s roadmap is up to date, and it appears that the team is doing well with their time-management. The platform has partnered with Matthias Hafner, Token Economist of Pooky, who helped in creating a numerical tokenomics model. They also partnered with Sergio del Puerto, Art Director of Pookyballs, is responsible for art direction. Erik Herrström, Brand Director of Pooky, is a former Brand Design Director at Spotify.

Final thoughts

Pooky is an exciting platform that aims to revolutionize the way sports fans interact with their favorite sports leagues. Its risk-free model promotes a healthier alternative to traditional sports betting and encourages social interaction and fun while creating communities. With its innovative solutions, easy onboarding and the guaranteed fun for the playerbase is guaranteed. Pooky is on its way to becoming the number one web3 sports fan platform by 2025.