Stripe Launches Fiat-to-Crypto Onramp for Web3 Companies

Stripe, the financial infrastructure platform for businesses, has launched a new Stripe-hosted fiat-to-crypto onramp. To make it easier for Web3 companies to enable US-based customers to buy cryptocurrencies. With this new feature, Stripe now offers two implementation options for its onramp. One is an embeddable onramp, which allows developers to insert a crypto-purchasing widget directly into their website. This could also be used for an app with just ten lines of code. The second is a Stripe-hosted onramp at, to which companies can direct their US-based customers with no coding required.

Stripe’s onramp will help web3 companies to provide cryptocurrency- and blockchain-enabled experiences to their customers, especially by solving the cold start problem, where customers do not have enough cryptocurrency in their wallets to carry out transactions. Customers can now purchase crypto at the precise moment they need it, allowing them to buy NFTs and more. The onramp includes built-in fraud tools and identity verification to support companies in meeting KYC and compliance requirements.

It optimizes conversion and authorization rates to increase the likelihood of legitimate purchases. This feature enables consumers to complete identity verification just once and add their payment information to a Link account.
By saving payment details for subsequent purchases at any Link-enabled business, Stripe speeds up checkout for customers.

Many crypto companies are adopting Stripe products beyond the onramp. Stripe’s global infrastructure makes it simple for businesses to grow, including accepting fiat globally, enabling easy payouts with crypto (USDC), lowering fraud, and facilitating smooth onboarding.
Stripe’s new onramp accommodates many use cases developed by Web3 companies globally, including Brave, Safe, 1inch, and Lens Protocol.

Convert Fiat to Crypto with Stripe