Newell’s Old Boys vs. Arsenal de Sarandí Preview: Lineup prediction, injury news and suspensions

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Newell’s Old Boys vs. Arsenal de Sarandí. Preview by PlaySharper: Lineup prediction, injury news and suspensions

On 2023-05-13, Newell’s Old Boys will play against Arsenal de Sarandí. The Superliga Argentina de Fútbol game will kick off at 23:30 UTC.

Short term changes due to injury news are being updated regularly. For the most current lineup prediction, visit the Lineup Prediction page.

Newell’s Old Boys injuries and suspensions:
Francisco González and Brian Aguirre are still injured and will not participate in this match.

Arsenal de Sarandí injuries and suspensions:
No injuries known.

Predicted Lineup Newell’s Old Boys:

Lucas Hoyos – Bruno Pittón, Willer Ditta, Guillermo Ortiz, Armando Méndez – Marcos Portillo – Iván Gómez, Juan Sforza – Jeremías Pérez, Jorge Recalde, Ramiro Sordo