Shonan Bellmare vs. Cerezo Osaka Preview: Lineup prediction, injury news and suspensions

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Shonan Bellmare vs. Cerezo Osaka. Preview by PlaySharper: Lineup prediction, injury news and suspensions

The J1 League will witness a fierce battle between Shonan Bellmare and Cerezo Osaka on 2023-05-20. This high-stakes match is slated to kick off at 06:00 UTC.

As the game approaches, keep an eye on our Lineup Prediction page for any last-minute changes to the player lineup due to injuries or other factors.

Shonan Bellmare injuries and suspensions:
Kosuke Onose and Yuki Ohashi will miss this match with injuries.

Cerezo Osaka injuries and suspensions:
Hiroshi Kiyotake will miss the upcoming match due to injury, while Jordy Croux and Matej Jonjic are uncertain for this game.

Predicted Lineup Shonan Bellmare:

Bumkeun SONG – Daiki Sugioka, Kazuki Oiwa, Koki Tachi – Kohei Okuno (Ryota Nagaki) – Taiga Hata, Taiyo Hiraoka, Akimi Barada, Hirokazu Ishihara – Shuto Machino, Hiroyuki Abe (Akito Suzuki)

Predicted Lineup Cerezo Osaka:

Kim Jin Hyeon – Ryosuke Yamanaka, Koji Toriumi, Ryosuke Shindo (Matej Jonjic), Seiya Maikuma (Riku Matsuda) – Hirotaka Tameda, Shinji Kagawa, Hiroaki Okuno, Jordy Croux (Seiya Maikuma) – Leo Ceara, Mutsuki Kato (Riki Harakawa)

Our prediction for the game: Shonan Bellmare vs. Cerezo Osaka 1-2

The match between Cerezo Osaka and Shonan Bellmare is expected to be closely fought, with Cerezo Osaka prevailing by a slim margin and a final expected scoreline of 1-2.

Our advanced AI algorithm uses historical data and real-time statistics to simulate over 1000 games and predict the most likely outcome.

Scoreline: 1-2
Match winner: Cerezo Osaka (3.01)
Over/Under: Over 2.5 Goals (O2.5)
Both teams to score: yes (BTTS)