Barbie and Boss Beauties: A groundbreaking collaboration for women in Web3

The world of Web3, blockchain, and NFTs is still largely dominated by men. However, a new partnership between Mattel, the creator of Barbie, and the women-led Web3 brand Boss Beauties, aims to bring women into this emerging world of technology and empower them to unleash their skills and passions. This exciting collaboration has led to […]

Alibaba and Avalanche are building a Metaverse Launchpad

Alibaba and Avalanche have developed a new partnership to create a launchpad that aims to assist companies. Helping them aunching their own metaverse spaces on the Avalanche blockchain. The solution, called “Cloudverse,” is designed to provide companies with a seamless end-to-end solution. Thus, enabling them to create and customize their own metaverse areas. All elements, […]

Cardano NFTs – The Next Revolution in the Art Market?

In recent years, the world of cryptocurrencies has been evolving and expanding. One area that has been particularly in focus lately is the realm of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These digital tokens have made their mark in the art market, captivating the hearts of collectors. NFTs on Ethereum continue to incur high transaction fees. Meanwhile, Cardano […]

Liechtenstein is considering Bitcoin as a legal tender

The Crypto Revolution is in full swing, and governments worldwide are trying to adapt to the changes in the financial world. Now, the small principality of Liechtenstein has also spoken up and is considering allowing Bitcoin as a legal tender. According to Prime Minister Daniel Risch and Finance Minister Mauro Pedrazzini, citizens may be able […]

Binance halted Bitcoin withdrawals twice in one day

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, had to suspend BTC withdrawals twice within 24 hours last week due to alleged network congestion of Bitcoin. A similar situation occurred in February when Binance had to halt Bitcoin withdrawals for several hours, leading to a massive price drop. However, this time there were no impacts on the […]

Pudgy Penguins Joins the Hollywood NFT Club and Signs with WME

The collaboration between NFT projects and Hollywood giants appears to be an emerging trend. The latest news comes from the Pudgy Penguins. They recently signed a management contract with the renowned talent agency William Morris Endeavor, also known as WME. The long-term vision of the Pudgy Penguins is to have their intellectual property utilized. This […]

Hackers sell crypto accounts at Coinbase, Binance, and N26: What it means for the cryptocurrency market

In recent years, the cryptocurrency market has become a lucrative target for hackers. They continuously exploit security vulnerabilities, infiltrating crypto exchanges and other providers. A recent report by security provider Privacy Affairs has caused a stir. It revealed that cybercriminals are selling verified crypto accounts from renowned providers. The report states that traders exchange these […]

El Salvador eliminates taxes on technological innovations

El Salvador, the country that recognized Bitcoin as its official currency in September of last year, has once again brought positive news for the technology industry. President Nayib Bukele has signed a law that eliminates taxation on technological innovations in the country. The law waives all taxes on technological innovations, software and app programming, artificial […]