Binance NFT Marketplace to Offer Bitcoin NFTs in Late May

Binance NFT Marketplace has recently announced that it will allow users to purchase and trade Bitcoin NFTs on its platform, utilizing already-existing wallets. Bitcoin ordinals, also known as Bitcoin NFTs, are gaining popularity in the Web3 space as more marketplaces adopt and offer digital assets. Binance NFT Marketplace’s integration with Bitcoin ordinals is set to […]

Bitcoin Ordinals Milestone

The Bitcoin Ordinals initiative has achieved a significant breakthrough, surpassing one million registrations in just three months since its inception. While it’s received mixed reactions from the crypto community, this project is gaining traction thanks to its unique feature of rewarding miners with extra fees. As proof of concept, over 170 BTC (worth €4.5M) have […]

Magic Eden Unveils New Marketplace for Bitcoin NFTs called “Ordinals”

On January 20, 2023, developer Casey Rodarmor launched ordinal NFTs on Bitcoin mainnet. This is the latest way to create NFTs on Bitcoin. Magic Eden now added support for Bitcoin Ordinals. People will be able to trade the Ordinal collections on the respective marketplace. But what are Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs? Ordinal NFTs have a different […]