Renault moves into NFT space with exclusive RACING SHOE5 Sneaker Collection

Renault, the French carmaker, is releasing a special collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called RACING SHOE5. These NFTs are linked to limited-edition sneakers that will be available for purchase from May 15th. This marks Renault’s second NFT release on their new platform, R3NLT – with genR5 being the first drop at the end of last year in celebration of Renault 5’s 50th anniversary.

The exclusive RACING SHOE5 collection was announced on April 21st and includes only 960 pairs of shoes; each pair comes with a blockchain-based NFT featuring unique artwork in three dimensions. Owning an NTF gives you access to meet brand designers at Renault Research & Development Center as well as customizable merchandise.

There are five different styles inspired by various models within the range plus one design honoring collaboration between Web3 community and Turbo E developed under this series named “Racing Shoe”.

The RACING SHOE5 collection

The RACING SHOE5 collection gives Renault enthusiasts an innovative new way to engage with their favorite auto company.


If you’re a fan of Renault then listen up! They’ve got an awesome second NFT drop that’s just waiting for you. You can snag yourself some super cool custom-designed sneakers made from eco-friendly materials like LWG certified leather – how neat is that? And the best part? Each pair comes with its own set of NFTs – for only 265 €.

If you’re part of the R3NLT Web3 community, then mark your calendars because this opportunity starts on May 15th. But don’t worry if you missed out on joining them; pre-registered individuals will get their chance to buy starting May 16th before it opens up to everyone else on May 17th over at

These kicks are inspired by design elements from the famous R5 Turbo series so expect details like seatbelt-like laces or rear slopes mimicking car chassis’ in each shoe. Plus, there’s even an immersive 3D experience thrown into all this too!

So what do you say? Ready to step up your sneaker game while also supporting sustainable fashion practices AND enjoying a little bit of automotive history along the way?!

NFC chip in Renault sneakers

Renault is taking innovation to the next level by adding an NFC chip in their RACING SHOE5 sneakers. This cool feature allows you to scan your shoe’s tongue and retrieve a digital passport, which serves as proof of authenticity. The digital passport includes details about the sneaker’s identity card, materials used for production, and its background story.

Get ready for an exciting shopping experience with R3NLT! They’re launching a new collection of racing shoes that will be sold in a virtual world similar to metaverse. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Electric R5 Car launch in 2024

The genR5 and RACING SHOE5 NFT collections are all about connecting Renault’s past, present, and future. The popular R5 model was launched back in 1972 and sold over 8 million units before being discontinued in 1996. Now it’s making a comeback as an electric vehicle set to launch next year.

Renault recently unveiled the concept car for this new generation of the iconic nameplate, which pays homage to different versions of the original model with its design features.

This move towards electrification is part of Renault’s Renaulution strategic plan revealed earlier this year. They’re shifting their focus from volume to value through three key phases: resurrection (bringing back old favorites like the R5), renovation (updating existing models), and revolution (innovating with new technology).

As part of these efforts, they’ll be launching a total of 24 vehicles by 2025 – ten full EVs included! And if you’re looking for something unique that ties into all this history-making action? Check out our NFT collections on offer now too!