The Sandbox launches Mega City 3

Great news from The Sandbox! They’re expanding their decentralized gaming virtual world with Mega City 3. It’s the newest addition to Greater China’s bustling global hub in the metaverse.

This is after they sold out all of Mega City 1 and 2 which brought them over $3 million dollars! Over 2000 LANDs were purchased by gamers worldwide.

The LAND sale of Mega City 3 started last week in April! If you buy a piece of land in this virtual world, you’ll get your hands on some super cool premium NFTs handpicked by The Sandbox’s partners.

Partnerships in Greater China

The Sandbox has teamed up with some major players in education, art, culture and entertainment across Greater China. These include Angela Ho, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, DustyLand, Ho Yu College and Primary School, Hong Kong Design Institute and many more!

Sebastien Borget – Co-Founder & COO of The Sandbox said:

We’re thrilled to be working alongside these top institutions from various sectors to demonstrate the potential of metaverse for promoting education as well as arts & culture.

Sebastien Borget – Co-Founder & COO of The Sandbox

He added that their latest project Mega City 3 is a significant step towards creating an immersive virtual world where creators can thrive along with gamers. At The Sandbox we are committed to building a diverse open-world experience which offers equal opportunities for all its users whether they are content makers or game enthusiasts alike!


Mega City 3 is all about boosting creativity and giving people a chance to dive deep into design, technology, ESG, decarbonization – you name it!

The Sandbox has teamed up with some of the best educational institutions in Hong Kong as well as secondary schools and even the biggest power company around. Together they’re bringing this virtual world to life for everyone who wants to learn more.

This partnership isn’t just good news for students though; it’s also helping promote Hong Kong’s creative industry like never before!

Art and Culture

The Sandbox is an open metaverse – a a cool platform where famous artists and IPs can create one-of-a-kind digital art that people can actually own and use. And the best part is they get to show off their skills in virtual galleries, exhibitions, and performances! Plus, there are tons of different artistic experiences available thanks to partnerships with various organizations in Mega City 3. Sounds pretty awesome if you ask me!


The Sandbox has an open metaverse where gaming companies and entertainment groups can make awesome games using popular IPs? Mega City 3 is perfect for Greater China’s entertainment industry to explore endless possibilities. And not just games! You could also host live concerts or performances in this virtual world – it’s super easy to create new forms of entertainment here.


The Sandbox just reserved a 3×3 LAND in Mega City 3 to bring together over 20 creative studios from Greater China! This sweet spot is where all the magic happens – creators can share their ideas and work on cool new projects.

Plus, three awesome studios recently joined forces with The Sandbox as metaverse agencies. It’s clear that they’re serious about working together and pushing boundaries when it comes to co-creation & innovation.

Mega City 3 LAND Sale

Get ready for the Mega City 3 LAND sale where you can purchase your very own piece of virtual real estate in this awesome neighborhood. Once purchased, these lands will be visible on The Sandbox map and give individuals and organizations the chance to create their own gaming experiences, social hubs or events within the metaverse. Plus if you’re lucky enough to snag one of those premium LANDs then it comes with an exclusive NFT curated by none other than The Sandbox’s partners.

If past sales are any indication (think Voxel Madness, California Dreamin’, Galleria & K-verse), these babies won’t last long – they’ve sold out within 24 hours before! And don’t even get us started on how popular Avatar NFT sales like Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen or Madballs have been… they were gone in just over two hours flat. So don’t wait too long because this is not something that should be missed!