Renault keeps up with the times: Introducing Digital Twin NFTs and Customized Racing Shoes

Renault, the French car manufacturer, has introduced a second NFT collection consisting of a series of racing shoes. The collection will consist of a total of 960 NFTs, with each item connected to a limited edition physical sneaker. To enhance the offering further, the comapny will integrate an NFC chip into the tongue of each shoe, which activates a second NFT when scanned. This NFT serves as a “digital passport” and contains information about the shoe’s material composition and production history.

T the public sale of the new NFT collection will launch on May 17th on its website Members of the R3NLT-Web3 community who also own a Genesis NFT will have access to the sale starting from May 15th.

The NFT collection underscores Renault’s interest in Web3 innovations. In December 2020, Renault released its first Genesis NFT collection, paying homage to the Renault 5 model. The new NFT collection is part of Renault’s “Renaulution” project, which aims to make Renault a competitive and electrified brand.

Renault’s decision to use digital twin NFTs to accompany sneaker purchases could be a way to keep pace with ongoing developments in the Web3 space and expand customer interest. We are in a world where digital technologies are becoming increasingly important. Using NFTs could be another way for brands like Renault to strengthen their presence in the digital realm.

Racing Shoes by Renault