Yuga Labs on Expansion Path: New Position for Head of Business Development in the Gaming Sector Advertised

Yuga Labs Expanding: New Position for Head of Business Development in the Gaming Sector Advertised

Yuga Labs is a company operating in the world of Web3 and blockchain gaming. It has made a name for itself in recent months. The company is seeking an experienced Head of Business Development specialized in gaming to further drive its growth.

The job description states that the new hire will be responsible for establishing long-term relationships. External game developers will expand Yuga Labs’ blockchain gaming efforts. This position is crucial for the company as it will significantly contribute to driving growth in the gaming sector.

Yuga Labs is prepared to offer an annual salary ranging from $250,000 to $300,000 for the position. This is well above the average for similar roles at major gaming companies like Electronic Arts. This reflects the importance and responsibility of the role for the company.

The appointment of Daniel Alegre, the former CEO of Activision Blizzard, as the new CEO of Yuga Labs earlier this year, and the recent hiring of gaming veteran Mike Seavers as the new CTO, suggest that another well-known gaming executive will soon occupy the position of Head of Business Development.

It appears that Yuga Labs is increasingly investing in the blockchain gaming sector and remains focused on growth. The job posting indicates that the company aims to expand its business activities and strengthen its presence in the gaming industry. Considering the rapid development of the blockchain and Web3 industries, it is crucial for companies like Yuga Labs to solidify their position in the market and prepare for future advancements.

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