Eternal Dragons

Venture into the mystical realm of Eternal Dragons, an innovative Web3 autobattler that has been making waves in the gaming world. The game boasts an impressive team of co-founders, promising an immersive experience that captivates players from the start. With Alex Arias’s experience as a former vice president at Microsoft and a successful serial founder, Andreas Rispberg’s expertise as the former head of product at Candy Crush: Saga, and Bertrand Lamarque’s brilliance as the former CTO of SimCity and Playfish, players can rest assured that they are in the hands of a team that knows how to craft exceptional gaming experiences. In this review, we’ll explore the intriguing gameplay, the thriving community, and the potential of this enchanting world.


Eternal Dragons offers a refreshing take on the autobattler genre, allowing players to command a team of mythical creatures with unique abilities and strengths. 

One of the standout features of the gameplay is the strategic positioning of dragons on the battlefield, requiring players to plan their moves carefully to outsmart opponents. The evolving nature of the game ensures no two battles are alike, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging with each match.

The art and visual effects in Eternal Dragons deserve special praise, as they elevate the game to a level of aesthetic excellence that immediately sets it apart from its competitors. The intricately designed dragons, each with their unique characteristics and abilities, are brought to life with stunning attention to detail. The vibrant colors and fluid animations during battles create an immersive experience that engulfs players in the fantastical world.

The only downsides currently are the missing sound and the fact that the game is still a bit complex for newcomers. However, both of these points, which are due to the early stage of the game should be released in the upcoming weeks according to the team. 

Despite being in its alpha stage, Eternal Dragons showcases solid core gameplay mechanics that hold great promise for the future, but are already very great and fun at its current stage. Players are irresistibly drawn into the captivating world of Eternal Dragons, where they can explore and experiment with various strategies and tactics, immersing themselves in thrilling battles that keep them engaged and excited for more.

Infrastructure & Ecosystem:

Even in its alpha stage, Eternal Dragons boasts a solid infrastructure that provides players with an enjoyable and rewarding experience. The daily league and tournaments add a competitive edge to the game, giving players ample opportunities to prove their skills in thrilling battles. The sense of achievement and recognition in these competitive events fosters a healthy and engaging community, where players are driven to refine their strategies and rise to the top ranks.

Furthermore, the integration of digital assets adds an exciting dimension to the gameplay. Players can personalize their dragons, giving them a sense of ownership and pride as they showcase their prized creatures in battle. This aspect also opens up new avenues for players to trade and collect dragons, further enhancing the in-game ecosystem.

The thriving community surrounding Eternal Dragons is a testament to its potential as a competitive title. Players can expect to find fellow enthusiasts who share their passion for autobattlers, creating a welcoming environment for newcomers and experienced players alike. The exchange of strategies, tips, and experiences within the community enriches the overall gameplay and fosters a sense of camaraderie among players.

The team around Eternal Dragons has the vision to deliver not only one, but several games – they even shared already first impressions of their second game development. Their strategy is that you can use your digital assets in all of the games, making them interconnected via a Supercontent approach. 


Eternal Dragons is a Web3 autobattler that has managed to capture the attention of players with its unique gameplay and immersive world. While it is still in its alpha stage, the game already delivers an enjoyable experience that hints at its potential for greatness.

With a talented team at the helm and a community-driven ecosystem, Eternal Dragons offers a promising future in the world of Web3 gaming. As the developers continue to polish and refine the game, we anticipate it will soar to new heights of success and become a favorite among autobattler enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Eternal Dragons offers an autobattler experience like no other, setting itself apart from the crowd with its strategic depth and evolving gameplay. Embrace the call of the dragons and embark on a mythical journey in this enchanting realm! The thriving competitive scene and welcoming community add to the allure of this gem worth exploring.

Moreover, the promise of more games to come and the integration of digital assets across the entire ecosystem make being part of the project even more exciting. As Eternal Dragons continues to evolve and grow, we eagerly anticipate the legends players will create and the epic battles that await in this mesmerizing universe. Join now and become a part of this ever-expanding adventure!

Venture into the mystical realm of Eternal Dragons, an innovative Web3 autobattler that has been making waves in the gaming world.

Networks: Ethereum
Status: Live

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