Welcome to the future of sports engagement and investment – FANtium! The premier web3 platform for direct athlete support and investments.

Unleash the Future of Athlete Support and Investment with FANtium


Revolutionizing Athlete Support and Investment

Welcome to the future of sports engagement and investment – FANtium! As the premier platform for direct athlete support and investments, FANtium bridges the gap between fans and athletes in an unprecedented way. Gone are the days of merely cheering from the sidelines; now, fans have the unique opportunity to share in their favorite athlete’s success by becoming direct stakeholders. Let’s delve into the thrilling world of FANtium and discover how it’s reshaping the sports industry.




Gameplay: A New Level of Engagement


At the core of FANtium’s innovation is its groundbreaking gameplay. Imagine owning a piece of your beloved athlete’s prize money and sharing in their journey to victory. The gameplay is refreshingly straightforward, ensuring that anyone can partake in this exciting experience.

Athletes themselves take the reins, selecting the percentage of their prize money to tokenize. What’s more, they can sweeten the deal by offering exclusive FAN perks, such as real-life experiences, enhancing the bond between athletes and their supporters.


Through FANtium’s platform, athletes issue and sell ownership of their prize money to eager fans, represented as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Fans purchase these tokens directly from the athletes, instantly becoming invested in their success. This novel approach not only brings fans closer to their idols but also adds a layer of excitement to every victory.


Currently boasting a portfolio of four exceptional athletes, FANtium has seen every mint sell out. The success stories are already piling up, and those who missed the initial offerings are urged to join the community to secure their spot for the next exhilarating opportunity.

FANtium founding team (from left to right: Jonathan Ludwig, Debora Lasoen, Christoph Kock, Anna Dierks, Justus Garbe)

Infrastructure & Economy: Seamlessness and Flexibility


FANtium’s user-friendly website makes navigating the web3 ecosystem effortless. Even those accustomed to web2 interfaces will find a smooth transition into this thrilling new world of sports investment.


Fans who hold ownership tokens can claim their share of the athlete’s prize money once it has accrued. The payout can be tied to a single season’s success or the athlete’s overall career triumphs, giving investors options tailored to their preferences.


The excitement doesn’t end there – for those seeking additional flexibility, FANs can put their tokens up for sale on third-party secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. When sold, the new token holder inherits the prize money earnings and gains access to the accompanying benefits. This dynamic ecosystem ensures that FANtium’s engagement and investment opportunities are as diverse as the athletes themselves.


Summary: A Glimpse into the Future


FANtium is more than a platform; it’s a small revolution. By connecting fans and athletes in this unprecedented manner, it’s redefining how we engage with and support the sports stars we adore. The four athletes in the current portfolio, all sold-out mints, are only the beginning of FANtium’s journey.


With a bright future ahead, FANtium is on the cusp of transforming the sports investment landscape. Whether you’re a passionate fan looking to connect on a deeper level or an astute investor seeking new opportunities, FANtium offers a pathway to both.


Don’t miss out on the next big leap in sports engagement and investment. Join the FANtium community now and secure your place in the future of sports fandom.

Networks: Polygon
Status: Live

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