Sorare is a next-level fantasy sports game where you collect and compete with ownable digital player cards to win epic prizes.

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Dive into the worldwide sensation of Sorare, an immersive fantasy football experience that enables you to construct, trade, and oversee virtual teams through digital player cards. This groundbreaking game employs blockchain technology to ensure authentic ownership of these cards, empowering players to effortlessly trade them within the marketplace. With official affiliations and partnerships with over 140 football clubs globally, Sorare offers an unparalleled journey into the realm of football gaming.



Sorare stands as a global fantasy football platform where you can amass, exchange, and manage a digital team using player cards. The game harnesses the potential of blockchain, guaranteeing actual ownership of your digital cards and permitting their unrestricted exchange within the marketplace. Sporting official licenses and collaborations with more than 140 football clubs across the planet, Sorare is an elite destination for football enthusiasts.

Sorare Football presents a strategic gameplay setting, enabling you to deploy your Sorare cards to establish a virtual team and compete against fellow enthusiasts. Your team’s performance directly corresponds to the real-life achievements of the players depicted on your cards. In contrast to conventional fantasy games, Sorare introduces a dynamic marketplace where card trading becomes a pivotal element, infusing a fresh layer of strategy and excitement.


Understanding Sorare Cards

A Sorare card is a digital collectible that mirrors a professional football player. Each card holds its individuality and is tied to a real-world football athlete. The actual performance of the player in real-life matches directly influences the card’s score within Sorare’s fantasy football framework. These cards come in various categories, each possessing its own rarity and power level: Unique, Super Rare, and Rare.


Competitions and Prizes

In Sorare Football, you design a lineup of five players, drawing from your card collection. This lineup includes a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder, a forward, and an extra player. These lineups are entered into a diverse array of competitions, each spanning 3 to 4 days. Scoring is grounded in the genuine accomplishments of the players within your lineup. With each competition, your players amass more XP, subsequently enhancing their prowess. Players can contend on global leaderboards, vying for Sorare digital player cards, ETH (Ethereum), and exclusive VIP experiences.

Success in Sorare Football hinges on securing a prominent position on the leaderboard. Three types of rewards are attainable: Sorare cards, ETH, and exclusive items such as autographed football jerseys, Sorare merchandise, and once-in-a-lifetime in-person encounters. The available rewards fluctuate in accordance with the number of real-life football matches scheduled for a specific Game Week.


The Sorare Marketplace

Serving as a pivotal hub for the acquisition of Sorare: Football cards, the Sorare: Football Marketplace caters to collectors and competitors alike. These officially sanctioned digital player cards, minted by Sorare, are accessible through the Primary Market. Within this sector, players can directly purchase cards from Sorare.

Furthermore, the Secondary Market, also recognized as the Manager Sales Marketplace, offers an alternative avenue for card acquisition. Here, managers can purchase cards directly from fellow managers. These cards were initially issued by Sorare through auctions and are now available for direct acquisition within the Secondary Market.

For those inclined toward recently minted cards, such as the latest releases, participation in New Card Auctions is essential. These auctions provide a platform for players to place bids and secure newly minted cards, injecting an element of exhilaration and competition into the process.

Whether your objective is to expand your collection or reinforce your team for competitions, the Sorare: Football Marketplace presents diverse pathways for acquiring cards, rendering a lively and immersive experience for all participants.


Leagues and Matches


Encompassing an extensive array of leagues and matches from across the globe, Sorare hinges on the real-world accomplishments of players within these matches. This encompasses domestic league matches, domestic cup matches, continental club competitions, and international matches where players represent their national teams.

Sorare: Football adheres to a bi-weekly competition schedule, with each Game Week spanning a cycle of 3 to 4 days. These Game Weeks are structured to encompass Tuesday to Friday and subsequently Friday to the following Tuesday. Participants must remain conscious of the Game Week deadline, set at 4 pm CET/10 am ET, to effectively devise strategies and make well-timed decisions.

To partake in these riveting competitions, players are advised to stay updated on upcoming Sorare: Football events by regularly visiting the official website. Notably, Scarcity cards, representing unique player cards, can be utilized in a single competition at a given time. However, players are afforded the chance to engage in multiple competitions employing other cards from their collection.

For those possessing unused players, a beneficial option emerges – entering Sorare cards into training sessions. This yields additional XP (experience points), heightening the capabilities and potential of the players. This element adds depth to the gameplay experience and offers players the opportunity to nurture their team and skills beyond conventional competitions.


Getting Started

Create Your Account: Register on the Sorare website to establish your account.

Obtain Initial Cards: Acquire your first cards by either purchasing them from the Sorare marketplace or engaging in New Signings auctions.

Assemble Your Team: Once you possess at least 5 cards, construct your inaugural team. The lineup should encompass 1 Goalkeeper, 1 Defender, 1 Midfielder, 1 Forward, and 1 Extra Player.

Enter Competitions: Enlist your team in competitions in accordance with the card requisites of each contest.

Gain Rewards: Based on your team’s performance, you can secure rewards such as fresh cards or ETH (Ethereum).

Sorare is a next-level fantasy sports game where you collect and compete with ownable digital player cards to win epic prizes.

Networks: Ethereum
Status: Live

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