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Allowing Users To Buy, Sell, and Trade Football Player Stocks for Rewards


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StocksFC Reaches $840,000 Market Cap in First Three Months

For too long, traditional football gaming and betting have been the only options for fans to earn money from the sport. Newer solutions such as NFT-based games have emerged, but they are often built on the hype of NFT technology, rather than the core product itself. StocksFC is leading a revolution, where they’re blending the world of crypto, stock investment, and football. The company has created a platform where users can can buy, sell, and trade football player stocks; and earn rewards when their players perform on the pitch! Since its launch in May of 2023, the market has reached over $840,000 in aggregate stock value, with just over 500,000 stocks in circulation. The platform has seen players’ prices like Kyle Walker rise 1400% since being initially offered, along with big-name players like Harry Kane who rose over 116% in the last 24 hours. Backed by Bitgo, Ramp, Coinbase, and Opta, StocksFC is bound to revolutionize the world of Sports Stock Markets.

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Build Your Portfolio, Earn Weekly Rewards

StocksFC allows you to build a portfolio of your favorite players and earn weekly, monthly, and end-of-season rewards in Ethereum. The strategy behind assembling the perfect portfolio is truly in your hands! Whether you’re looking to acquire out-of-form players to sell later for a higher price, uncover young wonderkids who will earn you rewards for years to come, or stick to your guns and assemble a squad of your faves – rewards are yours for the taking. Holding stocks in your portfolio means that they are automatically eligible to earn reward payouts, so you don’t need to submit a team each week. If the players in your portfolio earn a reward, you’ll automatically receive payouts.

Transparency and Sustainability at the Core

Everything on the StocksFC platform has been built with sustainability at the core. All transactions at StocksFC are logged on its blockchain and can’t be tampered with, giving users a new level of trust that isn’t available on traditional stock markets. A small portion of each stock is burned with every user-to-user trade, helping lower the total supply over time and hence increasing the potential of rewards/stock. Their stocks have been designed to build intrinsic value over time, where players are never released more than once, with each respective player maxing out at 100k stocks.

Users First

StocksFC takes a community-first approach. They take user polls before making decisions on big platform changes and are very open to new ideas and suggestions to improve the platform. If you have any questions, feel free to take a look at their Discord , their Telegram or their whitepaper where more info is displayed.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to combine your passion for football with the thrill of investing. Sign up now and find your strategy to score big with StocksFC!



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