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Unagi’s Ultimate Champions Fantasy Football and Basketball Game Gains $4 Million Funding from Binance Labs

The world of fantasy sports is undergoing a revolutionary transformation with the integration of blockchain technology and Web3 principles. Leading this charge is Ultimate Champions, an innovative platform developed by Parisian sports game company Unagi. Ultimate Champions is changing the landscape of fantasy football and basketball by introducing true ownership of in-game assets, providing an engaging play-to-earn experience, and establishing partnerships with prominent sports organizations. Backed by a $4 million investment from Binance Labs, Ultimate Champions is poised to take the fantasy sports genre to new heights.

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A Free-To-Play Play-to-Earn Experience

Unlike traditional fantasy sports platforms, where players often spend countless hours building teams and strategizing without tangible benefits, Ultimate Champions empowers players with true ownership of their in-game assets. By leveraging blockchain technology and NFTs, the platform ensures that every virtual card collected within the game holds real-world value. This groundbreaking feature enables players to trade, sell, or play with their digital collectibles both inside and outside the game ecosystem, fostering a sense of ownership and investment in the virtual sports world.


Innovative Gameplay and Reward Structure

Ultimate Champions presents an innovative fantasy sports gameplay experience. Players build their teams using NFT-based cards, representing real-world athletes, and compete in various game modes, including Leagues and Tournaments. Each card’s performance is linked to real-life statistics, adding a layer of realism and strategic decision-making to the game. Rewards are distributed to players based on their team’s performance, fostering a play-to-earn ecosystem that encourages active engagement.


Introducing Web3 Principles

Ultimate Champions is a frontrunner in integrating Web3 principles into the gaming industry. The platform offers a user-friendly, free-to-play experience that embraces the Web3 ethos of decentralization, ownership, and player-centricity. By developing on the BNB chain, Ultimate Champions aims to create an open and accessible ecosystem that transcends traditional boundaries and promotes the broader adoption of blockchain-based gaming.


Strategic Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement

Ultimate Champions has already secured a significant partnership with EuroLeague, a top professional basketball management company in Europe. This collaboration demonstrates the platform’s commitment to expanding beyond football and into fantasy basketball, broadening its offerings and appeal. The integration of licensed digital cards as NFTs on the blockchain enhances the authenticity of the gaming experience, connecting fans with their favorite clubs and athletes in a unique and meaningful way.


A Glimpse into the Future

Ultimate Champions’ roadmap outlines a clear vision for the platform’s evolution. The initial focus on football will be followed by expansion into other fantasy sports, providing players with diverse and engaging experiences. The platform’s commitment to being player-centric, accessible, and authentic ensures that it remains at the forefront of the Web3 gaming movement.


Embrace the Ultimate Champions Experience

Ultimate Champions offers a platform where sports enthusiasts can not only engage with their favorite sports but also reap tangible rewards from their strategic decisions. With the integration of blockchain technology, NFTs, and partnerships with major sports organizations, the future of fantasy sports has arrived. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, Ultimate Champions is leading the way by revolutionizing how players interact with their digital worlds and assets. It’s time to join the revolution, unleash your passion, and become the Ultimate Champion.


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