Ultimate Champions

playsharper Ultimate Champions

Unagi’s Ultimate Champions Fantasy Football and Basketball Game Gains $4 Million Funding from Binance Labs The world of fantasy sports is undergoing a revolutionary transformation with the integration of blockchain technology and Web3 principles. Leading this charge is Ultimate Champions, an innovative platform developed by Parisian sports game company Unagi. Ultimate Champions is changing the […]

Angry Dynomites Lab

Unleash Your Inner Inventor in Angry Dynomites Lab – A Web3 Idle Game Adventure Step into a world where the apocalypse meets innovation with Angry Dynomites Lab, a captivating web3 project spearheaded by none other than the visionary founder of Kolibri Games – Oliver Löffler. Drawing on his proven expertise, this venture into web3 gaming […]


swoops playsharper

Swoops is a basketball simulation game and virtual league that lets you own, manage, coach, and profit from your own digital basketball team. In this Ethereum-built game, you can create your own team and compete against other players in a highly competitive virtual league. It combines the thrill of traditional sports with blockchain technology to […]


playsharper sorare

Sorare is a next-level fantasy sports game where you collect and compete with ownable digital player cards to win epic prizes.   Introduction Dive into the worldwide sensation of Sorare, an immersive fantasy football experience that enables you to construct, trade, and oversee virtual teams through digital player cards. This groundbreaking game employs blockchain technology to […]