El Salvador eliminates taxes on technological innovations

El Salvador, the country that recognized Bitcoin as its official currency in September of last year, has once again brought positive news for the technology industry. President Nayib Bukele has signed a law that eliminates taxation on technological innovations in the country. The law waives all taxes on technological innovations, software and app programming, artificial […]

Cogni’s Latest Innovation: Using Soulbound NFTs to Securely Store KYC Information

Cogni, the New York-based neobank, has announced an exciting new feature for its customers. They can now store their KYC information in Soulbound NFTs, which are kept in a multichain wallet. This new technology aims to improve the bank’s KYC process while boosting trust in the blockchain. Soulbound NFTs are blockchain assets that are non-transferable, […]

Sound Swap – Sound.Xyz revolutionizes music industry

Great news for nft music fans! After years of hard work and collaboration with 420 talented artists, the Sound.xyz platform introduced Sound Swap to everyone. This revolutionary Web3 music platform empowers musicians by allowing them to build communities and earn revenue through NFTs. With features like Sound Swap, selling your music has never been easier […]