Smurfs Launch NFT Collection and enter Web3

The Smurfs have been captivating audiences for more than six decades. Now they are making their foray into web3 with a collaboration in The Sandbox. The lovable little blue creatures have become one of the most successful entertainment franchises of all time. With an impressive 94% global recognition factor. Their relatable characters, engaging storytelling, and […]

Canon Dives into NFTs with Cadabra: A Unique Ethereum Marketplace for Photos

Canon USA, the American division of the global camera and imaging giant, launches an Ethereum NFT marketplace dedicated to photography later this year. The marketplace, called Cadabra, will offer tokenized photographs across various categories such as wildlife, sports, lifestyle, and landscapes, among others. Cadabra will debut later in 2023 after an initial preview at the […]

Forkast Labs introduces 3 NFT indices

The NFT landscape is rapidly evolving and becoming increasingly intricate. Due to the scarcity of comprehensive data sources, some investors are hesitant about the NFT industry. To combat this issue, Forkast Labs, an analytics platform supported by Animoca Labs, has recently introduced three NFT indices. These indices are the Forkast 500 NFT Index, the Forkast […]

GQ stumbles at NFT launch

Lately, an increasing number of businesses and brands are attempting to break into the realm of NFTs. Renowned fashion publication GQ also sought to join the Web3 universe last weekend by introducing their own NFT collection titled “GQ3 Issue 001: Change is Good”. A misstep or a groundbreaking move towards the Web3 Sphere? The GQ3 […]