Google and Polygon partner to advance Web3 development

Google and Polygon have announced a partnership aimed at promoting the development of Web3. The collaboration is focused on helping developers implement decentralized applications and Web3 products on the Polygon blockchain. Google’s Blockchain Node Engine will now be accessible to developers on the Polygon blockchain, enabling them to focus on development instead of configuring or […]

Mastercard Launches Crypto Credential System in Collaboration with Polygon, Solana, Ava, and More

Mastercard has unveiled a new blockchain-based offering in partnership with various crypto firms including Polygon, Solana, Ava, and more. Mastercard Crypto Credential aims to enhance verification in NFTs, ticketing, enterprise, and other payment solutions and instill trust in the blockchain ecosystem. We expect the system to establish a set of common standards and infrastructure. Therefore […]

Partnering with Polygon Labs, Immutable aims to revolutionize Web3 gaming

Polygon Labs and Immutable partnered up to make Web3 gaming more accessible than ever. The leading web3 companies aim to help gaming developers bring their vision to the Web3 space. The two companies are combining their most innovative products and services to facilitate gaming developers’ Web3 activity. This move will encourage the 3 billion active […]